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'Girton Time'

New publication

Carol Adlam, former Artist in Residence, celebrates Girton past and present in her new book!

Girton Time is a conversation in artwork and poems about Girton College. Here you’ll find paradoxical boxes, giant eggs, teenage trees, homesick students, outlaw cyclists, optical prostheses, interstitial vacuities, an Arnolfini mirror, thumb wrestling, mummies, mistresses, Crackers (the dog, not the snack), black cider, saxophones and violins, lost orchards, hidden staircases, secret basements, the occasional squirrel, and even a Girtonian captured in their natural habitat. Here you’ll see the College as never seen before: as a place of daily work and camaraderie, and as a paradoxical queendom that teeters on the edge of the A14.

Girtonians Adam Crothers’ and James Wade’s poems sit alongside the artwork, agreeing and disagreeing, remixing and riffing on its themes of daily time and deep time that underpin the life of the College in all its variety.

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